Kavli Institute at Cornell

The Kavli Institute at Cornell (KIC) is devoted to the development and utilization of next-generation tools for exploring the nanoscale world.

KIC creates new techniques to image and dynamically control nanoscale systems and uses these techniques to push the frontiers of nanoscale science. KIC’s measurement-oriented mission complements the existing strengths at Cornell in nanofabrication (CNF, NNIN), nanoscale materials (CCMR), and mission-oriented centers (CNS, CABES, CESI, NBTC).

Open to all members of the Cornell nano community, KIC funds small, innovative teams to develop cross-cutting approaches to science at the boundaries of nanoscale imaging, manipulation, and control. These come in two types: Fellow Projects and Instrumentation Projects. They will typically involve faculty both within and outside KIC. High-risk and high-reward projects are strongly encouraged.

2022 Funding Opportunities

Bethe/Wilkins/KIC Theory Postdoctoral Fellowships applications were due September 24, 2022.

KIC Experimental Postdoctoral Fellowship applications were due October 14, 2022.

KIC Instrumentation Grant applications are due January 9, 2023.

The KIC Graduate Fellows application cycle for 2022 closed mid-July. The KIC Graduate Fellows applications cycle for 2023 has not yet opened.