Communicating Science:
A Kavli Workshop for Scientists

Join Alan Alda, The Kavli Foundation, and the Center for Communicating Science for an innovative workshop, May 21-24, 2013, at the Kavli Institute for NanoScale Science at Cornell in Ithaca, NY.

As host of Scientific American Frontiers, Alan Alda interviewed 700 scientists around the world. Now he is helping scientists learn to communicate effectively with the public, including public officials, funders, employers, students, the media, and potential collaborators in other disciplines.

The workshop, led by Alan Alda and representatives from the Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University, will focus on science communication to reporters, philanthropists, policymakers and the public. This is a 3-day program, with two days of required workshops followed by an optional third day for participants who want more intensive practice.  Participants will focus first on improving their skills in understanding and connecting with an audience, and speaking clearly about complex material. Then they will work on applying these skills productively in challenging settings, using scenarios and materials tailored to their real-world needs.  This will include practice interviews by reporters on video.

The workshop will take place at Cornell University, May 21-24, and will be run in two tracks – a master class for those with prior experience in public communication, policy or media and shorter introductory track.  Registration is limited, so please apply below.   A detailed schedule is now available –  Communications Workshop Schedule.

This workshop is sponsored by the Kavli Foundation and the Kavli Institute at Cornell for Nanoscale Science, with additional support from the Cornell Center for Materials Research and the Energy Materials Center at Cornell.