KIC Instrumentation Project Awardees

The Kavli Institute at Cornell is devoted to the development and utilization of next-generation tools for exploring the nanoscale world.  KIC Instrumentation Projects support the purchase, development, and use of novel scientific tools and approaches for probing the nanoscale. Past project awards include:


  • Ultrafast Transient Absorption Microscopy: Andrew Musser, John Marohn, Phillip Milner
  • Optoelectronic Neural Networks: Peter McMahon, Alyosha Molnar, Paul McEuen
  • Cold-Field-Emission Electron Microscope: David Muller, Lena Kourkoutis
  • Conversion of Greenhouse Gases into Higher Hydrocarbons: Shusaku Shoji
  • CMOS+ Foundry for Next-Gen Intelligent Nanosystems and Sensors: Alyosha Molnar, Paul McEuen, Itai Cohen, Alyssa Apsel, Brad Ramshaw, Song Lin
  • ReMOTE optical test station: Alyosha Molnar, Song Lin, Paul McEuen
  • Next generation high speed atomic force microscope: Simon Scheuring


  • Savannah S200 atomic layer deposition system for CNF: Itai Cohen, Paul McEuen, David Muller et al.
  • CMOS+ Foundry for Next-Gen Intelligent Nanosystems: Paul McEuen, Alyosha Molnar, Itai Cohen
  • Deep level transient spectroscopy: Takuya Maeda, Michael Thompson, Grace Xing
  • Electrophysiology station for sensing of nano-scale STIMS devices: Kemper Ludlow, Itai Cohen, Paul McEuen
  • Optics testbed for nano-scale aluminum antennas: Yaqiong Li, Mike Niemack, Terry Herter


  • Low temperature, high magnetic field scanning probe microscope: Kin Fai Mak, Jie Shan, Katja Nowack
  • Closed-cycle low-vibration optical cryostat: Kin Fai Mak, Dan Ralph, Jie Shan
  • High-frequency measurements of 2D heterostructures: Brad Ramshaw, Kin Fai Mak
  • 2-in-1 Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect Microscope: Amal El-Ghazaly
  • Piezoelectric uniaxial strain cell: Katja Nowack, Dan Ralph, Brad Ramshaw
  • CMOS+ Foundry for Next-Gen Intelligent Nanosystem: Paul McEuen, Alyosha Molnar
  • Imaging Platform for Multi-scale Sensing in Plant Leaves: Abraham Stroock, Michael Gore, Susan Daniel, Margaret Frank, Jocelyn Rose, Robert Turgeon


  • 35 Tesla Pulsed Magnet: Brad Ramshaw, Kin Fai Mak
  • Cell-Sized CMOS Wireless Integrated Circuit Sensors: Alyosha Molnar, Paul McEuen
  • Microwave SQUID Readout: Katja Nowack, Brad Ramshaw, Kin Fai Mak, Jie Shan
  • Magnetic Recording & Manipulation Microscope: Itai Cohen, Paul McEuen


  • Pixel Array Detector: David Muller, Lena Kourkoutis
  • AFM for characterizing exfoliated van der Waals materials: Debdeep Jena, Grace Xing, Katja Nowack
  • Confocal Microscope: Warren Zipfel, Iwjin De Vlaminck, Ilana Brito, Ulrich Wiesner
  • Diamond NV center microscope: Katja Nowack, Gregory Fuchs
  • Optical probe station: Paul McEuen, Chris Xu, Alyosha Molnar, Itai Cohen
  • Pump-probe station: Jeffrey Moses, Nicole Benedek, Farhan Rana


  • Low Temp Near Field IR: Paul McEuen, Katja Nowack, Kyle Shen, Darrell Schlom
  • Pixel Array Detector: David Muller, Sol Gruner
  • Development of Hyperspectral Multiphon Microscope: Chris Schaffer, Frank Wise
  • Probe Station for Magnetic Manipulation and Optical Sensing of 2D materials: Itai Cohen, Dan Ralph, Paul McEuen
  • Probe Station for Characterization of Ionic Liquid Devices: Hector Abruna, Katja Nowack, Menyoung Lee


  • Plasma Cleaner for Microscopy Facility: Lena Kourkoutis
  • GMW C-Frame Electromagnet and Oxford Cryostat: Marcos Guimaraes
  • Low Temp Optical/Optoelectric Studies of Nano Materials Using Infrared Lasers: Long Ju, Paul McEuen, Jiwoong Park
  • Direct Electron Detector for High-Resolution Single Particle Structure Biology and Cryo-Electron Tomography


  • Combined Confocal Fluorescence Interfacial Imaging (CFII) and Brewster-Angle Microscopy (BAM) Apparatus for Interrogating Folding in Angstrom to Nanometer Thin Sheets: Paul McEuen, Itai Cohen
  • A New Device for Super-Resolution Imaging for Nanoscale Biological Architecture and Dynamics in Response to Mechanical Force: Matthew Paszek, Gerald Feigenson, Don Koch, Warren Zipfel
  • AirSEM X-Ray Detector (Supplemental Request): David Muller, Lara Estroff


  • Tunable Light Source: Jiwoong Park, Paul McEuen
  • Graphene Kirigami: Itai Cohen, Paul McEuen
  • Fluorescence Microscope for 3D Imaging: Matt Paszek, Warren Zipfel
  • X-Ray Detector for AirSEM: David Muller, Lara Estroff
  • Microscopy Technique: Cynthia Reinhart-King, Susan Pannullo, Paul McEuen, Abe Stroock, Joseph Miller


  • A Fluorescence Colocalization Microscope for Two-Color STORM and Photoactivated Single-Molecule FRET Imaging at the Nanoscale: Warren Zipfel, Jiwoong Park
  • FIB/SEM Cryo-System for Nanocharacterization of Soft and Composite Materials: Lena Kourkoutis, Lynden Artcher, Lara Estroff, David Muller
  • Stem Detector to Perform Complete-Information Diffraction Imaging: Sol Gruner, David Muller
  • In Situ Oxidation & Reduction of Nanoscale Films: Phil King, David Muller, Darrell Schlom, Kyle Shen

2012 (off-cycle awards)

  • Picosecond optical parametric oscillator (OPO): Alexander Gaeta
  • Air-operational scanning electron microscope (SEM): David Muller, Jiwoong Park, Paul McEuen, Lara Estroff
  • Optical Microscope for AFM (McEuen)


  • Low-T scanned optical/SQUID microscope: Paul McEuen, Jeevak Parpia
  • Opto-electromechanical  probe station: Paul McEuen, Michal Lipson
  • Low-T scanning microscope: Seamus Davis, Darrell Schlom, Kyle Shen


  • Low-T scanning confocal optical/NIR microscopy: Dan Ralph, Alex Gaeta, Frank Wise
  • DUV microscope for π-π* plasmonic imaging and spectroscopy: Paul McEuen, Jiwoong Park
  • Mid-IR pump source for ultrabroadband frequency comb: Alex Gaeta, Michal Lipson
  • DUV/VUV “Synchrotron in a Box”: Paul McEuen, Darrell Schlom, Kyle Shen