The Kavli Institute at Cornell is devoted to the development and utilization of next-generation tools for exploring the nanoscale world.  KIC Instrumentation Projects support the purchase, development, and use of novel scientific tools and approaches for probing the nanoscale. Past project awards include:


  • 35 Tesla Pulsed Magnet: Ramshaw, Mak
  • Cell-Sized CMOS Wireless Integrated Circuit Sensors: Molnar, McEuen
  • Microwave SQUID Readout: Nowack, Ramshaw, Mak, Shan
  • Magnetic Recording & Manipulation Microscope: Cohen, McEuen


  • Pixel Array Detector: Muller, Kourkoutis
  • AFM for characterizing exfoliated van der Walls materials: Jena, Xing, Nowack
  • Confocal Microscope: Zipfel, De Vlaminck, Brito, Wiesner
  • Diamond NV center microscope: Nowack, Fuchs
  • Optical probe station: McEuen, Xu, Molnar, Cohen
  • Pump-probe station: Moses, Benedek, Rana


  • Low Temp Near Field IR: McEuen, Nowack, Shen Schlom
  • Pixel Array Detector: Muller, Gruner
  • Development of Hyperspectral Multiphon Microscope: Schaffer, Wise
  • Probe Station for Magnetic Manipulation and Optical Sensing of 2D materials: Cohen, Ralph, McEuen
  • Probe Station for Characterization of Ionic Liquid Devices: Abruna, Nowack, Lee


  • Plasma Cleaner for Microscopy Facility: Lena Kourkoutis
  • GMW C-Frame Electromagnet and Oxford Cryostat: Marcos Guimaraes
  • Low Temp Optical/Optoelectric Studies of Nano Materials Using Infrared Lasers: Long Ju, Paul McEuen, Jiwoong Park
  • Direct Electron Detector for High-Resolution Single Particle Structure Biology and Cryo-Electron Tomography



  • Combined Confocal Fluorescence Interfacial Imaging (CFII) and Brewster-Angle Microscopy (BAM) Apparatus for Interrogating Folding in Angstrom to Nanometer Thin Sheets: Paul McEuen, Itai Cohen
  • A New Device for Super-Resolution Imaging for Nanoscale Biological Architecture and Dynamics in Response to Mechanical Force: Matthew Paszek, Gerald Feigenson, Don Koch, Warren Zipfel
  • AirSEM X-Ray Detector (Supplemental Request): David Muller, Lara Estroff


  • Tunable Light Source: Jiwoong Park, Paul McEuen
  • Graphene Kirigami: Itai Cohen, Paul McEuen
  • Fluorescence Microscope for 3D Imaging: Matt Paszek, Warren Zipfel
  • X-Ray Detector for AirSEM: David Muller, Lara Estroff
  • Microscopy Technique: Cynthia Reinhart-King, Susan Pannullo, Paul McEuen, Abe Stroock, Joseph Miller


  • A Fluorescence Colocalization Microscope for Two-Color STORM and Photoactivated Single-Molecule FRET Imaging at the Nanoscale: Warren Zipfel, Jiwoong Park
  • FIB/SEM Cryo-System for Nanocharacterization of Soft and Composite Materials: Lena Kourkoutis, Lynden Artcher, Lara Estroff, David Muller
  • Stem Detector to Perform Complete-Information Diffraction Imaging: Sol Gruner, David Muller
  • In Situ Oxidation & Reduction of Nanoscale Films: Phil King, David Muller, Darrell Schlom, Kyle Shen

2012 (off cycle awards)

  • Picosecond optical parametric oscillator (OPO): Alexander Gaeta
  • Air-operational scanning electron microscope (SEM): David Muller, Jiwoong Park, Paul McEuen, Lara Estroff
  • Optical Microscope for AFM (McEuen)


  • Low-T scanned optical/SQUID microscope: Paul McEuen, Jeevak Parpia
  • Opto-electromechanical  probe station: Paul McEuen, Michal Lipson
  • Low-T scanning microscope: Seamus Davis, Darrell Schlom, Kyle Shen


  • Low-T scanning confocal optical/NIR microscopy: Dan Ralph, Alex Gaeta, Frank Wise
  • DUV microscope for π-π* plasmonic imaging and spectroscopy: Paul McEuen, Jiwoong Park
  • Mid-IR pump source for ultrabroadband frequency comb: Alex Gaeta, Michal Lipson
  • DUV/VUV “Synchrotron in a Box”: Paul McEuen, Darrell Schlom, Kyle Shen
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    Matt Paszek

    Cynthia R. King

    Cynthia R. King

    Itai Cohen

    Itai Cohen

    Phil King

    Lena Kourkoutis

    Warren Zipfel

    Sol Gruner

    Paul McEuen

    David Muller

    Dan Ralph

    Michal Lipson

    Jeevak Parpia

    Lara Estroff

    Lara Estroff

    Kyle Shen

    Darrell Schlom

    J. C. Séamus Davis

    Alexander Gaeta