KIC Postdoctoral Fellows

 Dr. Gaël Grissonnanche, PhD Université de Sherbrooke (Physics)

Gaël’s research will focus on the development of microstructures to probe the thermal properties of quantum materials at small scales and under extreme conditions. Professor Brad Ramshaw (LASSP/Physics) is his faculty sponsor.

Dr. Takuya Maeda, PhD Kyoto University (Electronic Science & Engineering)

Takuya’s research will focus on exploring new physics in the new nitride electronic materials (such as a ferroelectric ScAlN film) and its device applications. His faculty sponsors are Professor Huili Grace Xing (ECE&MSE) and Professor Debdeep Jena (ECE&MSE).

Dr. Samuel Schmidt, PhD Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences, The Netherlands (Glycomics)

Samuel’s research will focus on uncovering the molecular details of how the cell surface gylcan layer (glycocalyx) adheres to nanometer-scale structure, e.g. collagen fibers in the extracellular matrix. Professors Matthew Paszek (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) and  Jan Lammerding (Biomedical Engineering) are Samuel’s faculty sponsors.

Dr. Chenhao Jin, PhD University of California, Berkeley (Physics)

Chenhao’s research will focus on imaging the space-time dynamics of excitations in nanoscale materials, including the emergent excitations in van der Waals heterostructures. Professors Jie Shan (Applied & Engineering Physics), Kin Fai Mak (Physics) and Farhan Rana (Electrical and Computer Engineering) are Chenhao’s faculty sponsors.

Dr. Samuel Lederer, Bethe/KIC Fellow, PhD Stanford University (Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics)

Sam’s research will use a variety of numerical and analytic methods to break new ground in the quantum many body problem, with particular focus on high temperature superconductivity and unconventional transport phenomena. Professor Eun-Ah Kim (LASSP/Physics) is  Lederer’s faculty sponsor.

Dr. Elisabeth Bianco, PhD Rice University (Materials Chemistry)

Elisabeth’s research will couple high-resolution electron microscopy and in situ experimentation to study atomic-scale structural re-configurations and the emergence of correlated phases in 2D materials. Her faculty sponsors are Lena Kourkoutis and David Muller (AEP).

Dr. Saien Xie, PhD Cornell University (Physics/Quantum Materials)

Saien’s research will focus on synthesizing atomically-controlled quantum materials and studying their electronic and optical properties. Professors Kyle Shen (Physics) and Darrell Schlom (Materials Science & Engineering) are Saien’s faculty sponsors.

Dr. Xiaolong Liu, PhD Northwestern University (Physics)

Xiaolong Liu’s research will focus on probing strongly correlated materials by developing a platform combining spectroscopic imaging scanning tunneling microscopy, oxide beam epitaxy, and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy. His faculty sponsors are Seamus Davis and Darrell Schlom.

KIC Graduate Fellows

Jenniffer BustillosJenniffer Bustillos, Knight@KIC Fellow, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering  (Moridi Research Group)

Noah SchnitzerNoah Schnitzer, Webb@KIC Fellow, Materials Science and Engineering (Kourkoutis Research Group)

Kavli Institute at Cornell Alumni

Postdoctoral Fellows


Dr. Xiao-Xiao Zhang, Assistant Professor, University of Florida

Dr. Yi-Fan Chen, Assistant Professor, National Central University

mat graham oregon stateDr. Matt Graham, Assistant Professor, Oregon State University

MLamont - photoDr. Michael Lamont, Postdoctoral Associate, Adie Lab, Nancy E. and Peter C. Mening School of Biomedical Engineering, Cornell University

Phil King St AndrewsPhil King, Assistant Professor, University of St. Andrews

CU CHEM ENG Zia_Roseanna Portrait REIS_D20121121JR1Matt Paszek, Assistant Professor, Cornell University School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Mak photoKin Fai Mak, Associate Professor of Physics, Cornell University

Jason Kawasaki newJason Kawasaki, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Chris Evans croppedChristopher Evans, Principle Scientist at Physical Sciences, Inc.

shogo hamada picShogo Hamada, Research Associate, Department of Biological & Environmental Engineering, LuoLabs, Cornell University.

Marcos Guimaraes, Assistant Professor, University of Groningen

David Zeb Rocklin (Bethe/KIC Fellow), Assistant Professor of Physics at Georgia Tech

Dr. Marc Miskin, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Systems Engineering, University of Pennsylvania

Dr. Lei Wang, Professor, Physics Department, Nanjing University

Dr. Long Ju, Assistant Professor of Physics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dr. Shuolong Yang, Assistant Professor in Molecular Engineering, University of Chicago

Dr. Yi Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics and International Center for Quantum Materials, Peking University

menyoungDr. Menyoung Lee, Assistant Research Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University

Visiting Faculty Fellows

Ethan MinotEthan Minot, Associate Professor, Oregon State University (KIC Visiting Faculty Fellow, 2014)

Dr. Marco Aprili, KIC Visiting Faculty FellowMarco Aprili, Researcher, Universite Paris Sud (KIC Visiting Faculty Fellow, 2013)

Engineering Graduate Fellows

Zuit Tao, Webb@KIC Fellow, School of Applied and Engineering Physics 2019-2020

Jinghang Dai, Knight@KIC Fellow, Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering 2019-2020

ShurerCarolyn Shurer, Knight@KIC Graduate Fellow, 2014-15

ZachmanMichael Zachman, Webb@KIC Graduate Fellow, 2014-15

Chengyu Liu, Knight@KIC Fellow, 2015-16

Isaiah Gray, Webb@KIC Fellow, 2015-16

nicholas-cothardNicholas Cothard, Webb@KIC Fellow, 2016-17

4042704_08072015Yehou Gnopo, Knight@KIC Fellow, 2016-17

Baris Bircan, Webb@KIC Fellow, 2017-18

Antoine Robin, Knight@KIC Fellow, 2017-18

Berit Goodge, Webb@KIC Fellow, School of Applied and Engineering Physics (Kourkoutis Research Group)

Jeremy Keys, Knight@KIC Fellow, School of Biomedical Engineering (Lammerding Lab)

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